3×4 Card Cinch Notebooks

Photo Feb 22, 11 55 58 AM

Note: We R Memory Keepers posted about scrapbooking-card notebooks today as well. Great minds think alike! 😀

I don’t do pocket scrapbooking, but I do really like those 3″ x 4” cards. I don’t know if it’s the size or the themed colors. or the words and designs on some of them, but I bought a few small sets and then wondered what to do with all of those cards I’d collected.

Photo Feb 22, 11 54 27 AM

Since part of scrapbooking is journaling, the cards are designed to be written on, and I am constantly making notes. Sometimes it’s mundane lists, but other times I’m looking to write down an idea, record an ephany or log a bit of inspiration. After finding myself grabbing a card to use as scratch paper for a list, I thought about collecting a bunch of cards into a little notebook.

Photo Jul 24, 10 53 32 AM

I like that some of the cards have calendar pages, while others are blank for free-form notes.

Photo Feb 22, 11 56 39 AM

I used some solid-colored cards as section dividers.

Photo Jul 24, 10 54 35 AM

My WRMK Cinch came in handy to bind these little notebooks. I made one with the spiral at the top and one with the spiral at the side.

Photo Jul 24, 10 55 13 AM

Photo Jul 24, 10 54 50 AM

For the front and back, I adhered 2 cards together for sturdiness. I also used stickers and washi tape for a bit of decoration. You could get more elaborate with the adornment for sure!

Photo Jul 24, 10 55 33 AM

I think they are a perfect size to stick into a bag or backpack. I’ll be bringing the tropical-themed notebook (“Paradiso” by KaiserCraft) on my next cruise!

Photo Feb 22, 11 56 24 AM

I’d love to hear what other clever things you’ve done with pocket scrapbooking cards!


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