Wonder Woman Workout Notebook

Wonder Woman saves the day

     Wonder Woman saves the day!

I upcycled this cool little notebook yesterday because I joined a new gym and wanted a way to keep track of my workouts. There’s a No Cell Phone policy, so pen and paper it is.

She's my inspiration

The original note book was in my stash (I’m guessing from the Dollar Spot at Target, maybe 3 years ago!), but it was really big.  I die cut the covers and papers into a much more manageable size, then bound everything with my WRMK Cinch.  Because the little notebook is going to be in my gym bag, I didn’t bother decorating it.


I’ve made some much more arty and complicated books with my Cinch (that I’ll be showing off in future posts), but sometimes it’s nice just to make something simple and practical.

Don't worry, I kept the scraps

                   Original size